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Decoding Risk + Regulation Affecting Financial Services


The financial collapse of ’08 has given rise to a host of rules and regulations that have largely remade the regulatory landscape in which financial markets operate. But this process is far from over--the Securities and Exchange Commission has isued just over half of the rules necessitated by the passage of Dodd-Frank, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as well as the Financial Services Oversight Committee have their own agenda they are pursuing, largely independent of any legislation.
Congress, too, is not entirely happy with the outcome of Dodd-Frank, and there has been various talk of the committees of jurisdiction attempting to smooth over some of the rough edges from Dodd-Frank's implementation.
Where this will take financial markets in the next two years is far from certain, and depends on no small degree on the results of the 2014 elections.
The purpose of the conference is to help participants understand the various constraints, political exigencies, and miscellaneous pressures that have the potential to impact the regulatory and legislative action pertinent to financial markets.
Our speakers are--to a person--veterans of the legislative and regulatory bodies in Washington DC and are leading experts in their field of expertise, and they can give you a perspective of the upcoming agenda that cannot be found anywhere else

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